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Wakeboarding is a popular watersport that has taken flight not only in Florida, but all over the world. That’s why, here at Lake Area Watersports, we’ve made it our mission to provide the top leading brands of both new and used wakeboard boats. Wakeboarding is a water leisure activity popular among Florida residents that combines surfing, skateboarding, and skiing all in one. However, finding the right board to ensure a fun and safe experience can often be a challenge. That’s why our Florida team will help you find the right wakeboard boat for your needs quickly and painlessly.

  • Turn Heads With A New Wakeboard Boat in Florida

    Choosing to opt for a new wakeboard boat in Florida provides you with many comforts and amenities you may not otherwise have with a preowned boat. With features such as spacious seating, ergonomic controls, and cutting edge wakeboard towers, our new wakeboard boats in Florida are designed for maximum comfort and convenience. Our boats are outfitted with the most up to date safety features, such as sturdy boat hulls, fire extinguishers, life jacket storage, and first aid kits, so you can relax and enjoy the Florida waters with confidence. In addition, our wakeboard boats can be dressed with numerous components, such as coolers, stereos, and lighting packages, for a truly luxurious experience.

  • Our Preowned Wakeboard Boats for Sale Are Here to Fit Your Needs

    There’s often a misconception about buying a preowned boat in Florida. The truth is that our preowned wakeboard boats for sale perform no differently than our new inventory. Due to our extensive inspections and thorough examination at Lake Area Watersports, you can feel confident that your boat will easily perform up to par on the Florida waters. Whether you’re new to the boating world or simply looking to experience the waters while on a budget, our used wakeboard boats are perfect for any occasion.


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Whether you’re looking for a new or used boat, getting your boat serviced, or the latest and greatest in new apparel and gear, we have you covered! At Lake Area Watersports we pride ourselves with a knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service, and the best options of new and used boats from the top brands in Melrose, FL and surrounding areas. Stop by or call us today so that we can make your next boating venture a breeze!

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